Yes. We know, we know..... “give it a rest”
But when you’ve got a new semi-fresh lineup like this... It's time to kick up some dust!

Appearing in Lovingston VA at the mighty Rapunzel's
Joining the fun will be young favorites The Grandmother Wolf
Saturday, August 24th - 8:00

The Scent - Bald Spot Dawning
The beginning and end of an era
Recorded just before putting California in the rear view mirror

A debut album just in the nick of time
Hopefully putting a lid on that tired & true '80's sound
Recorded in 1989

Available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

After 30 Years - Lots 'O' Manteca is finally available. Again

Ahhhh... Cassette recording glory!
Unfiltered rock without the trappings of things like decent microphones, engineers or proper recording technique
Recorded in 1987

Available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud

Out now - The Raisin Band "Love Fire" EP

A post punk classic from your pre-adult pals
Recorded in 1988

Available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud